Case Studies

+207% Increase in Revenue in 2 Years

Using a standard optimization strategy and addressing a large number of technical SEO problems, I was able to increase Organic revenue 207% and increase Organic traffic 312%

From 2,000 to 35,000 Organic Blog Sessions

I developed a content strategy, hired a writer with expertise in this client’s niche, and produced around 150 long-form articles over 6 years

Taking an Ecom Store from $400k to over $2m in Revenue in Five Years

This client came to me as a small upstart making $400k per year. Their goal was to reach $2m in Revenue with a dream of selling the business. We reached that goal in five years.

A Full Recovery in Traffic and Revenue After The Pandemic

I worked with this client for several years before the pandemic shut down their entire industry. They could not make any sales for two years. I worked with them to make large improvements to their site during the shutdown and they came out way ahead of their competitors.