Case Study: From 2,000 Sessions to 35,000 Sessions on a Blog in 3 Years

This is a business in the Outdoor Recreation industry. Analytics data is a little spotty due to various challenges with their Analytics accounts (a former agency wouldn’t transfer ownership, then their GA account was hacked, there was a blog migration from the subdomain, and then a major site redevelopment) but I’ll do my best to try to piece it together.

This client started working with me in 2015. They were already blogging, but it was very sporadic, not on a consistent schedule, and was mostly promotional. In March 2016, I found them an expert industry writer, and we started developing one in-depth, 1,200+ word article every 1-2 months. It was slow, but it was working. By the end of 2017, they saw the value in the blog and allowed me to take over the work. We got on a consistent schedule of publishing two articles per month. I brainstormed the topics, developed the content briefs, worked with the writer to develop the content, and I published the content for them.

This business didn’t have GA set up on their blog subdomain until I helped them set it up, so we don’t have the data to show how the blog did before I started helping but we can see that they were at around 2,000 Organic Sessions per month, a significant increase in 2017 after we started publishing more content, more consistently, and a steady climb, eventually reaching ~3,300 Sessions per month in 2018.

We lost GA data for 2019 as a result of the aforementioned challenges, but you can see in the following graph that we were at around 15,000 Organic Sessions by July 2020. That’s a 152% increase over the span of about 2.5 years!

And we never let up. This traffic started to compound and now we’re at a range of 20k to 35k sessions per month, still with only two articles per month.