Bring In More Traffic To Your Blog

I just found this Blog syndication tool the other day and thought I would share it with the world. Blogrush is basically a widget that you can install on your blog and will show other people’s blogs on it. You get to choose what kind of content you show on your site and your blog entries will show on other sites with similar content whose owners have also signed up for Blogrush.

Sounds like it may bring in some traffic if Blogrush actually has enough users signed up. I haven’t actually tested it out yet, but will be trying it out on a different website. Visit the Blogrush website to learn more. They have a video that explains it much better than I have. If you’ve tried it out, let me know how much, or little, success you have had.

Update: I still haven’t tested it out, but it looks like I might not want to. Read this blackhat site to learn more.

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