Money Making Ideas Learned From I Love Lucy

My girlfriend loves I Love Lucy so I caught an episode with her the other day and discovered another way to make money. It might not be ethical, but it could work.

Ricky had a business trip to go on in Europe and of course, Lucy wanted to go too, but it would’ve cost too much to take her. So Ricky told her that if she could come up with enough money to pay for herself, she could go.

Cue Shenanigans.

Lucy came up with the idea to create a fundraiser for her “cause”. Lucy and Ethel then contacted a local TV salesman and asks if he would be interested in donating one of his TV’s for a raffle, of which the benefits would go to sending two needy women on a wonderful trip.

The TV salesman happily agrees and gives them a TV set.

Now things get a bit screwy for Lucy and Ethel. They were accused of fraud and threatened with imprisonment.

Maybe you can work out a way around this?

So here’s the process;

  • Start a fundraiser
  • Contact a local company for prize donation
  • Run a raffle for your prize
  • Give away your prize to a lucky winner
  • Use your raffle money for a trip to Europe

In the end, Ricky was able to clear things up and get all of them on a ship to Europe for free.

If you’re life is anything like a 1950’s TV show, it just might work out for you too!

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  1. But it’s 2009! There are more scammers than ever and more suspicious people. I myself would rather be at the latter side. 🙂

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